Border Township Associative Group

The Border Township Associative Group (BTAG) was formed in early 2013 and consists of area townships in Minnesota and North Dakota and the City of Oslo, MN. This group is on a mission to bring an end to one of the biggest headaches the Oslo area has faced for many years—unsafe bridges that are prone to flooding year after year, which jeopardize safety and result in significant economic losses to the region.

BTAG Goals

  • Provide transportation service levels consistent with up and downstream Red River crossing locations.
  • Contain flows as close to the main channel center line as possible.
  • Serve as local experts on water decisions.
  • Work cooperatively with other entities to facilitate local water management.
  • Promote inter-state cooperation on cost-effective transportation improvements.

Project Benefits

Reduced Roadway Overtopping Frequency
• Increased access to Oslo
• Increased access across the Red River
• Reduced inundation of the Railroad
• Reduced inundation of I-29
Reduction to Ag Land Inundation
• Reduction for the full range of events
• Greater acreage reduction for smaller events